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Consulting On Criminal Law Topics

May 12, 2020

As a deputy district attorney, Brandon Luna worked with the police to investigate some of the most heinous sexual crimes against adults and children. The investigations and trials for these crimes gave Brandon Luna valuable experience that he wants to share with police agencies. Contact LunaLaw, LLC, to arrange the following training for your officers.

  • Cybercrimes investigations: Police agencies can hire LunaLaw, LLC, to train them to use information in the hands of cellphone providers, social networking websites and internet service providers to enhance their investigation of crimes.

  • Beyond he said she said: Corroboration and the investigation of sexual assault and sexual assault on a child

  • Teen sexting: Crime or teaching moment?

LunaLaw, LLC, also offers training for professionals:

  • Mandatory reporting: Teachers, nurses, doctors — what is your responsibility?

Does Your Colorado Business Need Compliance Training?

A lawyer from LunaLaw, LLC, can help you protect your business.

White-collar crime can crush a business. A common theme in these crimes was the failure to consider the need to protect yourself from criminals when you set up your business. LunaLaw, LLC, will examine your business and identify your vulnerabilities to both internal and external dangers. Once the dangers are exposed, LunaLaw, LLC, will develop a plan to protect you and your business.

Taking Action

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